About Go2andaman

Meet the people behind best travel agency in Andamans

We are a small team hand-crafting Andaman holidays for you.

Our approach to holidays is way different from many other travel companies.

We believe that every trip we design is unique. Every traveler is different, so is every group traveling. We can never do justice by building something standard; thus we don’t sell ‘plug & play’ itineraries. We understand you and type of holiday you are looking for, then do the hard work on ground to build the best experiences for you.

We began in 2008 as a simple tourism blog helping tourists know more about the Andaman Islands – things to do, places to see and hotels to stay and eat. Today, we work with vast network of curated local vendors – to build great holidays.


And why we care about your holiday

Every member of the Go2andaman team is an Andaman-expert in their own right. As much as we love the islands, we also understand hospitality and great service. And we are here only to help you have a fantastic time in the islands!

Our goal is to provide every traveller – and we mean every traveller – with more and more information, helping them make better choices and ensuring they have a great holiday!

That’s our small team

The Andaman Concierge

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Hand-Picked Stays and Experiences

Book hotels, resorts and activities from over 400+ listings, hand-picked by our on-field researchers.

Tailor-Made Holidays

Build your own custom Andaman holiday, made keeping in mind your budget, needs and preferences.

On-Demand Exclusive Experiences

Imagine landing on a deserted island in your very own charter boat. Private cruises and special packages specially curated for you.

Our Team

Meet the team who are creating holidays for you; the team that takes the effort.

Umang Sonthalia

Founder of Go2andaman.com

Snehal Kanodia

Co-Founder of Go2andaman.com

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Ramakrishna Jannu

Large teams can divide into subteams according to need.


Teddy Bear

The more homogeneous the group, the more cohesive it will be.

Andaman Travel Guide

We at Go2andaman, built a travel guide for you to make the most out of your Andaman Holiday. We are the pioneers of bringing tourism information to public in the islands. You can download our guide below.

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Great Support

For friendly help on existing orders, or advice on specific activities, just ask!

Great Choices

Not just the must-dos but also hidden gems, exclusives, temporary and free activities