Barefoot Restaurant

Radhanagar Village (Beach No 7), Havelock Island - 744101, Andaman


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About the hotel

Located in the middle of the Barefoot Jungle Resort and a stone’s throw away from Havelock’s most pristine beach, the Barefoot Restaurant is definitely an ideal and indulgent spot for a meal on the island. They serve a wide variety of Indian, continental and sea food dishes as well as gourmet ice cream and deserts. The nearby bar will make sure you have nothing short of a perfect meal. Quiet surroundings and the sound of the waves are heard throughout. Most convenient if you are living in the jungle resort and want a hassle-free meal or for catching up on long conversations, the restaurant offers simple joys that might be very appetizing.


  • Seating available
  • Serves non veg
  • Bar
  • Desserts and Bakes

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