Swapan’s grill restaurant

Govind Nagar or Village No. 3, Havelock Island


About the hotel

Swapan’s Grill is a small and unpretentious restaurant located near the market in village No. 3. The friendly owners here personally make grilled fish and serve it on a banana leaf. This is one of the main specialities of the place.
They offer some Indian dishes as well, but grilled seafood is definitely the draw here. Their walls are covered with posters and notes of admiration (in different languages) from those who have eaten here in the past. Please note that this restaurant is for those who value an affordable and delicious meal more than the ambience. The setting is rather modest with only 3 wooden benches. The restaurant is open only for lunch and dinner.


  • Seating available
  • Serves non veg
  • Parking available

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