Star sprinkled skies, glorious sunsets, candle lit dinners under the pale moon light, and secluded beaches where you could steal a private moment – sounds like a dream honeymoon? Well, honeymoon is the Andaman Islands is all of this and more. If you are looking for a romantic getaway for you and your better half, look no further, The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the perfect choice.

A honeymoon is a special time that lets you build an everlasting bond with your sweetheart. It might be discovering a new found love or revitalizing a long relationship – a honeymoon sets the perfect stage for it. The Andaman Islands are not only a fun destination, but also give you all the privacy you require as you embark on your journey of life together. The islands are rich in natural beauty and offer activities that are not only exceptionally fun but also bring two individuals closer.

100% Customizable Honeymoon Package for Andaman

Romance in Andaman Islands
INR 25000/couple onwards

7 Days of Bliss in the Andamans
INR 35000/couple onwards

Honeymooning in the lap of Nature
INR 18000/couple onwards

What It’s Like to Honeymoon With Us

At Go2andaman, we believe in customizing your trip to ensure that you have nothing shy of a perfect honeymoon. Let our knowledge of the islands craft a memorable and hassle free experience for you.

Our packages will let you indulge in long romantic drives, bring adventurous encounters in the Andaman Sea, and some blissful moments on the white sandy beaches of the islands. Tell us your requirements and trust in us to help you experience the islands in the best way possible.

What to expect on your Go2Andaman Honeymoon

Our itineraries are not bookable online because we believe in understanding your needs and offering you the best experience of the islands based on the same.

Keeping in account your preference, we go through a thorough hotel selection and room inspection and only then suggest an apt choice.

Apart form the popular ones, we also help you select the best destinations in the archipelago keeping in mind the time that you are looking to spend in the islands.

Jungle treks, bird watching walks, and boat trips ranging from excursions to secluded islands to fun actives like game fishing in the sea and more, we got it all covered!  

Beat the tourist crowd on private vehicles and secluded islands.

Watch your beloved’s eyes gleam with the reflection of the thousand stars that light up the night sky while you engage in soulful conversation with your spouse in the privacy of your own space on a secluded beach.

Andamans is replete with activities like snorkelling, kayaking, trekking, jet skiing and kayaking. There isn’t a single dull moment.

Andaman Honeymoon Tips

  • Spend a minimum 5 nights on the islands
  • Instead of trying to visit maximum number of islands on your trip, we suggest you make your pick of 4 or 5 islands and make the most of your experience there.
  • Give equal importance to the choice of rooms and not just hotel. They can be great hotels but crappy standard rooms
  • If on a budget, splurge at least for a couple of nights
  • The Andaman Islands are one of the best diving sites in the world, DO NOT miss watersports here
  • Take a private boat trip – its definitely worth the splurge

Activities for Honeymoon Couples

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