About Little Andaman

About Little Andaman

Little Andaman is the furthest inhabited island among the Andaman Islands, located 120km south of Port Blair. But don’t get fooled by its name, as it is one of the largest islands open to tourism and yet its remote location makes it the least visited.


Those that do make the long journey south will stumble across deserted pristine beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, dense evergreen rain-forest, red oil palm plantations and the best surf in India. Little Andaman’s diversity offers plenty of activities and natural sights to explore. However, Dugong Creek in the North and South Bay area are tribal reserves for Onge and there is also a Nicobarese settlement, both of which are off limits to tourists. The island’s relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals and the simplicity of the place usually persuade visitors to stay longer than intended at first.




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