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As a tourist destination, Neil Island is no longer just a backpacker attraction. Over the last few years, many luxury resorts have sprung up, catering to tourists looking for all kinds of holidays. From affordable, basic huts that resonate the warmth of Neil Island to luxury resorts with stunning views and contemporary settings, the island has it all.

The resorts and other stay options in Neil Island can be mainly categorized into the following type:

Eco huts between (INR 300 to INR 1000)

Backpacking? Love simple basic bamboo huts just next to the beach? Want to stay in Neil at an affordable budget? Offering a roof over your head and four walls around you, the eco-huts are a perfect fit!

Though not the conventional ‘green’ kind, these eco-huts are built using wood and bamboo shoots. They come wit a queen size cot, a mosquito net, a plastic chair, a light, and a fan. The huts usually come without an attached bath but those who like their privacy can opt for the ones enclosed washrooms at a slightly higher cost. Most of these eco-huts are built at stunning locations that are near the beach if not on it. Some even have small porches great for sitting outside during the evening or simply observing the sea knocking at your door.

Some of the best eco-huts in Neil Island are at Break Water Beach Resort, Kala Pani Resort, Elephant & Four Wise Men, and Emerald Gecko. Creepy crawlies are common in eco-huts in Neil Island.

Mid budget lodges and hotels

If you want clean, simple, and basic rooms larger than the bamboo huts and free from insects and creepy crawlies, the mid-budget lodges and hotels are your best option. They are well suited for families with children or a group of friends who want simple, comfortable rooms, the mid-budget hotel rooms are a great combination of hygienic, orderly, and affordable accommodations.
Hotel Amulya, Tango Resort, and Deep Sea Resort are some great options for mid-budget hotels in Neil Island.

Luxury Resorts in Neil Island

Neil has always been a backpacker’s destination but owing to its growing tourism popularity, many private premium hotel chains have started to show a keen interest in developing luxury resorts on the island. Since 2014, five such properties have come up. Great ambience, warm hospitality, strategic locations, and modern amenities by these resorts and hotels are everything that team up together and offer a luxurious vacation in Neil Island.
TSG Aura, Seashell Resort, Silver Sand, Summer Sands, and Holiday Inn are the finest proprieties for a lavish stay in Neil Island.


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