Port Blair

Hotels in Port Blair

Hotels in Port Blair are available to suit all tastes. From affordable and basic lodges to premium, luxury hotels, there is something for every traveller.

Every year, more and more hotels are being built and tourist facilities are booming. Prices almost always vary in peak and low season. Here are some of the best options for every budget.


The budget hotels are best suited for people looking to save on their stay so that they can spend more on experiences. Unlike other islands where beach shacks start at INR 300 a day, budget accommodation in Port Blair starts at INR 800 and up.
Nagri Inn, Lalaji Bay, Ripple Resort, and Andaman Homestay are some great budget hotels in Port Blair.


Economy hotels are light on the pockets but comfortable and have all necessary amenities including AC, TV, and 24/7 hot water supply. They are perfect for those who want a budget-friendly room without compromising on facilities.
Blue Sea Hotel, Anchorage Inn, and Sea View Residency are a hit among tourists.


Premium hotels are well designed and fall under the luxury hotel category in Port Blair. They start INR 4500 upwards and are of the 3-star category range.
Hotel Shompen, Megapode Nest Resort, and TSG Grand are some great options.


For those who want to stay in style and do not mind shelling out a few extra bucks for a good experience, luxury hotels are the best option. State-of-the-art amenities, chic interiors, lavish facilities, and exclusive sea views – these hotels have it all.
Sinclairs Bayview, Seashell Hotel, and Peerless Inn Portico are the finest properties for a pampered stay in Port Blair.

The capital also has some special accommodations to offer. These are a little away from the hustle bustle of the city but close enough to allow you to visit when you like.

Sea Princess Beach Resort:

Sea Princess is a beautiful beach resort, situated in Wandoor, a small seaside village away from the city of Port Blair. Nestled on a splendid white sandy beach and lush palm-fringed garden, the resort combines exclusivity with high standards of hospitality and comfort.

Wild Grass Resort:

If your idea of a perfect holiday is peace and tranquillity somewhere in the midst of untouched nature, Wild Grass Resort is a perfect getaway. Located away from the city, this small resort is located in the middle of the Andaman rainforest on the way to Chidiya Tapu.

Hotel Jazeera:

Offering spectacular views of the Andaman harbour and the deep blue ocean, Hotel Jazeera is closest to Mount Harriet, the highest tourist spot for sightseeing. Only a 45-minute drive away from the city, the place is known for its great hospitality and service.


There are three government-run accommodations in Port Blair – Andaman Teal House in Delanipur, Hornbill Nest in Corbyn’s Cove and Megapode Nest in Haddo.

While the first two accommodations are reserved for government employees and special guests, Megapode Nest – perched on a hilltop and overlooking the sea can be booked online. You can book Megapode Nest Resort.

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