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About the activity

Sail over the Andaman Sea after the sun has set on this exceptional kayaking tour to experience the calm of the Andaman backwaters like never before. Spend two hours paddling on the backwaters of the dense Havelock mangroves, and listening to the chirping of crickets, star gazing and pointing out constellations and be enchanted by the glowing bioluminescence –all of this combined gives you a memory of a lifetime! 


  • The tour begins just before sunset and you get to choose between a single or double person kayak and gear up for the trip
  • Begin the trip from the jetty and kayak in the open sea for 10 – 15 min before reaching the dense mangroves
  • Paddle along and enjoy the serenity of the moment. Be enthralled by the magnificent bioluminescence that light up the water with every stroke of your paddle

Why Kayaking?

Kayaking is a must-do experience. It is safe and super fun. It is a relatively new experience. It is a must-do activity.

Why Kayaking in Havelock?

Kayaking is a must-do activity in Havelock, Andaman. An adventure sport recommended for Young Adults. Kayaking in Havelock is recommended by Nat Geo. Kayaking in Andaman is featured on Condé Nast. 

I don’t know swimming, can I go for Kayaking?

Absolutely, you will be provided with a life jacket while kayaking. In the past, many participants who didn’t know how to swim have kayaked with us & enjoyed it thoroughly! 

What to keep in mind while Kayaking?

Kayaking is similar to trekking. We keep moving at a constant pace and take a break from time to time. Moving in water is more efficient than land. To cover the same distance, kayaking takes less energy than trekking. It is an excellent workout for the upper body.

Since Kayaking is an exotic experience it is important that you keep the following things in mind-:

  1. Always check the safety measures taken by the Kayakers. Do not compromise on quality and safety because of cost! Choose the safest option even if it is more expensive. Kayaking is a rare experience. It’s not like you will do it every day so spend a little more but choose the best.
  2. Make sure to choose a certified Kayaker. 
  3. Do your research online and book before you go to the island since slots get filled pretty quickly.

Why choose to book with us? (4.5 stars on TA)

  • We are Local.
  • Price guarantee service.
  • Value for money.
  • Stress-free booking.
  • No intermediaries, We deal directly with the vendors.
  • Free cancellations and rescheduling up to 24 hours

We understand that safety is the biggest concern when it comes to Kayaking

  • All the Kayaking centres we have partnered with have a rating of 4.5 stars and above on Trip Advisor
  • We do not charge the Kayaking centres to onboard with us 
  • We are experienced Kayakers ourselves and we personally experience Kayaking before putting it up on our site
  •  We have partnered with the best on the island – Tanaz and Captian Hooks. They are the best at what they do.

What happens after I book with Go2Andaman?

  • We send you your vouchers via Mail
  • You will get a time slot 1 week – 3 days prior to your booking date (this is because of the weather conditions and tides)
  • You need to visit the spot mentioned in the voucher 1 hour – 30 mins early. 
  • You are set Kayak now! 


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What is included?

  • Kayak & rowing oars
  • Life Jacket
  • Certified Instructor

What to wear?

Wear comfortable clothes – t-shirts, shorts, track pants are some of the comfortable options.  If possible, wear full sleeves t-shirt to avoid sunburns. Avoid jeans or cotton t-shirts as these tend to stay wet for long. If possible, choose quick-dry clothes. For footwear, choose flip-flops, water sandals or paddling shoes. Basically, anything that is waterproof and light. 

Things to carry:
  • Extra Pair of clothes to change after completing the trip
  • A small towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat / Cap 
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof case for your phone 

Who can Kayak?

Anyone above 10 years of age with basic physical fitness


Is there a way to contact you, I have some questions?

Of course, you can send us a mail at or can call us at +918448444930

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