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Fun Game Fishing Tour

Havelock Activity Center

About the activity

Set off on an exclusive fishing adventure in the great Andaman Sea. Learn how to handle the fishing rod, use fresh baits, and reel in big catches during three relaxing yet fun hours. Cruise over the tropical waters enjoying the sea breeze and the sound of the waves, and experience the thrill of fishing that so many rave about – fun fishing is a must do activity in Havelock Island.


About the Provider

Havelock Activity Center

An adventure lover’s paradise, the Havelock Activity Centre offers activities and equipment for a variety of activities like kayaking, sport fishing, snorkeling and jungle treks to name a few. Their befitting packages are a great hit in the industry and their personal approach ensures you have a great experience. The Centre is also a great place to pick out beachwear and quirky souvenirs for friends and family. As if that wasn’t enough, the place also serves lip-smacking homemade cheesecake and mousse, which is totally worth the indulgence!



  • Fishing equipment
  • Life Jackets on board
  • Lunch on board


  1. Get on the fishing boat and sail to an exclusive location on the Andaman Sea
  2. Get a basic understanding of the sport and learn how to handle the fishing rod
  3. Experience the excitement of reeling in a fresh catch and enjoy your time cruising over the tropical waters


2 to 4 Hours


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Important Info

  1. Carry protective gear like hats, sunglasses etc.
  2. Age: 10+ years
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