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Mangrove Kayaking Tour with Tanaz

Tanaz Kayak Tours

About the activity

Get a duck’s eye view of untouched Havelock with a kayaking tour that takes you through the dense green mangroves and the serene backwaters of the Andaman Sea. Paddle along the calm waters and be mesmerised by the canopy of trees; hear the rhythmic chirping of birds; and learn about the rich and diverse eco-system –we’re sure you’d come back for more.

I don’t know swimming, can I go for Kayaking?

Absolutely, you will be provided a life jacket while kayaking. In the past, many participants who didn’t know how to swim have kayaked with us & enjoyed it thoroughly! 

How tiring is kayaking?

Kayaking is similar to trekking. We keep moving at a constant pace and take break time to time. Moving in water is more efficient than land. To cover the same distance, kayaking takes less energy than trekking. It is an excellent workout for the upper body.

Things to carry:
  • Extra Pair of clothes to change after completing the trip
  • A small towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat / Cap 
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof case for you phone 
What to wear: 
Wear comfortable clothes – t-shirts, shorts, track pants are some of the comfortable options.  If possible, wear a full sleeves t-shirt to avoid sunburns. Avoid jeans or cotton t-shirts as these tend to stay wet for long. If possible, choose  quick dry clothes. For footwear, choose flip-flops, water sandals or paddling shoes. Basically anything that is water proof and light. 

About the Provider

Tanaz Kayak Tours

One of the most popular kayaking operators in the island, Tanaz Noble runs her own kayak set- up in Havelock, where she takes you through the dense mangrove forests and the quiet backwaters of the Andaman Sea. Her sheer love for the sport and the islands led to the now flourishing business and while you’re on tour with her, get ready for plenty of knowledge on the mangroves, Andaman eco – system, and star gazing.


  • Kayak & rowing oars
  • Life Jacket
  • Certified Instructor
  • Anything not mentioned in the ‘Inclusions’
  • Pickup & Drop off 


  1. Choose between a single or double person kayak and gear up for the excursion
  2. Begin the expedition from the jetty and kayak in the sea for about 10 – 15 min before reaching the mangroves
  3. Paddle along and enjoy the stunning view of the tropical forests and revel in the beauty of nature on this meditative kayaking tour


2.5 hours


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Important Info

  1. Age Requirement: 7+ years
  2. In order to come snorkeling you do not need to know how to swim or be an experienced snorkeler.
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