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Rent a Two Wheeler

About the activity

Experience Havelock in the coolest way possible as you take a joyride on a two-wheeler and discover the marvelous wonders of the island. Visit places of your choice and be the guide of your own tour. Riding through the island with the breeze wafting around you is a feeling like no other.


  • Rates are for 24 hours
  • Helmet


  1. Visit the vendor and rent a bike of your choice
  2. Ride around the scenic streets of Havelock enjoying the sea breeze in your hair and have a delightful time at this graceful island


24 Hours


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Important Info

  1. Fuel is not included
  2. The rider must carry valid driving license always
  3. Helmets are compulsory
  4. Maximum 2 adults and 1 child allowed on a bike
  5. Riding under intoxication is punishable by law
Accepted Payment Methods