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Scuba Diving at Elephant Beach

Sea Link Adventures

About the activity

The deep blue sea whispers an entirely different story under its vast canvas and it endows you with the freedom of weightlessness. See the underwater world with your own eyes and swim alongside vivid fish and surrounded by stunning corals. Click pictures to cherish this experience that will have an indelible impression on your heart.


About the Provider

Sea Link Adventures

Run by a team of professional scuba divers, sea walking instructors, and underwater photographers, Sea Link Adventures is the first and only sea walk franchise in India. Besides providing unforgettable experiences to their guests, they are known in the industry for their helpful and friendly staff and state-of-the-art equipment and gears.



  • Trained instructor
  • All gear
  • Underwater Photography


  1. Learn the art of communicating underwater from a trained instructor
  2. Gear up and begin your underwater excursion
  3. Swim alongside colorful fish, amidst the striking corals and discover the secrets of the ocean
  4. Take pictures of the vibrant marine ecosystem and create memories that will last a lifetime


90 minutes


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Important Info

  1. Age Requirement: 10+ years
  2. The course is restricted for: pregnant women and people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, and heart conditions among others should not take the course
  3. Have a normal breakfast before and carry swimwear and a memory card/USB stick for photographs
  4. No fly time of 24 hrs after the dive
Accepted Payment Methods