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Several premier Dive Centers offer a special session of Scuba Diving called Try Diving Scuba. You can do this course even if:

  • You have never tried diving before
  • You do not know how to swim
  • You have no underwater experience
  • You are between the ages of 10-70 years


  • A session on basic breathing skills and equipment
  • Practice session in shallow waters, into the sea
  • The boat will take you farther from the shore
  • 1 dive in the depths of the Andaman Sea (maximum depth of 12 m)


Why scuba dive in Andaman? 

  • Experience one of the most beautiful dive spots in the world. 
  • You don’t have to go very deep to spot a wide variety of coral life.  
  • Scuba Dive in tropical water temperatures ranging from 27°C -29°C and underwater visibility up to 40m (warm temperature)

I am scared of water, is scuba diving safe?

  • Scuba diving is super safe
  • Anyone above 10 years of age with a basic fitness level can go scuba diving.
  • You are not required to even know how to swim to scuba dive! 

We work with reputed & well-established dive centres. All Instructors and dive masters are equipped with internationally recognized certifications and are trained in dive supervision, diver rescue and Emergency First Response (EFR). (experienced dive instructors – minimum 500-600 dives, explain PADI and certification)  


Facts about Scuba Diving

There are 2 types of try dives for tourists – Try Diving Shore and Try Diving Boat. 

Try Diving Shore is best for people trying out scuba for the first time or those who are a little scared of the water and would like to take things slow.

Try Diving Boat is for people who have dived before or are comfortable with water. 

A lot of people prefer to do both!

Details Try Diving Shore Try Diving Boat 
Where does it take place? Closer to the shore. In the middle of the sea.
How to get there Walk Boat
What is the process like 1. A session on basic breathing skills and equipment.
2. Practice session in shallow waters in the sea
3. Go for a session of shore dive -1 try dive in the depths of the Andaman Sea (maximum depth of 12 m)
1.A session on basic breathing skills and equipment
2.Practice session in shallow waters, into the sea
3. A boat will take you farther from the shore
4.1 dive in the depths of the Andaman Sea (maximum depth of 12 m)
Price INR 2999 INR 3499

(People who have dived in Andaman with us – IMAGES)

Where should I go scuba diving?


What to keep in mind while booking Scuba Diving in Andaman?

On the day of scuba diving do not keep your itinerary busy or add another adventurous activity. Scuba Diving is a fun activity but it also tires your body. If you want a relaxed holiday, indulge in Scuba Diving and then do some relaxed sightseeing for the rest of the day. 

Since Scuba Diving is an exotic experience it is important that you keep the following things in mind-:

  1. Always check the safety measures taken by the dive centre. Do not compromise on quality and safety because of cost! Choose the safest option even if it is more expensive. Scuba diving is a rare experience. It’s not like you will do it every day so spend a little more but choose the best.
  2. Make sure to choose a certified dive centre. 
  3. Do your research online and book before you go to the island since slots get filled pretty quickly.

Why choose to book with us? (4.5 stars on TA)

  • We are Local.
  • Price guarantee service.
  • Value for money.
  • Stress-free booking.
  • No intermediaries, We deal directly with the vendors.
  • Free cancellations and rescheduling up to 24 hours

We understand that safety is the biggest concern when it comes to scuba diving. 

  • All the Dive centres we have partnered with have a rating of 4.5 stars and above on Trip Advisor
  • We do not charge the Dive centres to onboard with us 
  • We are certified Divers ourselves and we personally experience the Dive before putting it up on our site
  •  We have partnered with the best on the island – Dive India, Aqua Nomad, Scuba Love. These are all PADI-5 star Dive centres.

What happens after I book with Go2Andaman?

  • We send you your vouchers via Mail
  • You need to visit the Dive centre one day prior to your dive or call them and take a slot with them to visit
  • When you visit the Dive centre you will have to fill a medical form to confirm that you are fit for the Dive (in some rare case if you get rejected because of some physical issue you will get a full refund from us)
  • You are set for the Dive once the form is approved! 
  • Report for the Dive next day (or as per your date and slot)





What is included?

  • Personal Instructor
  • Scuba Equipment
  • 1 Try Diving Shore / 1 Try Diving Boat.
  • Underwater Photography

What to wear?

You will be provided with a wet suit at the Dive centre

  • It is advised to wear shorts or a basic swimsuit. 
  • You can wear a T-shirt (go for a polyester/synthetic one) Pair it with leggings or cycle shorts.
  • Wear flip-flops or Dive shoes

What to Carry?

  • A towel 
  • A change of clothes 
  • Swimwear or t-shirt & shorts 
  • A USB drive or your smartphone where you can receive your pictures and videos
  • Some snacks or fruits as you might feel hungry after diving

Who can dive?

Anyone above 10 years of age with basic physical fitness


Is there a way to contact you, I have some questions?

Of course, you can send us a mail at or can call us at +918448444930



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