Aamkunj Beach

Rangat, Middle Andaman islands



Aamkunj beach, located about 8km away, is the closest beach to Rangat. This is not the most picture perfect beach but offers a refreshing jump into the blue waters. One can see a long stretch of grey pebbles bordering the sea. One can enjoy long walks and discover some secluded places further down the beach. Swimming is possible at high and low tide, it is just important to take care of the sharp rocks dotted by the shore. It is not the best for snorkelling though.

Aamkunj is a very popular picnic place with locals coming from Rangat and nearby villages to relax on weekends. The spot has been developed into an eco-friendly place with huts built out of natural materials, big wooden trash bins, changing rooms, log sofas and huge wooden benches. What makes this park unique is the fact that everything is made up of wooden logs once lying around the beach. So no tree was cut to make the picnic area. There are no toilet facilities, no restaurants and no shops, so do bring water and maybe some snacks if you plan to stay long.

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