Alfred Caves

Near Ram Nagar, Diglipur, North Andaman



Diglipur is home to more than 41 unexplored caves, one of which was Alfred caves until a scientist, after whom it was later named, discovered it.
These limestone caves are similar to the ones that can be visited in Baratang but have been completely secluded due to the dense jungle. Beautiful yet difficult to reach, a trek to these caves is not meant for the faint hearted.
To reach the caves one has to do a trek for about an hour trough narrow jungle paths. Taking a guide is essential as it becomes impossible to find ones way through the entwined jungle paths. After an hour of walking you will reach a forest from where one can trek to about 2/3 different caves separately. The best time to visit the caves is from October to April, as in rainy season the paths are slippery and unsafe.

For all adventure lovers who wish to visiting this attraction it is essential to understand that this is a completely wild and non-touristic sight, so luxury travel or other facilities must not be expected. Do not forget a pair of good shoes and plenty of water
Alfred caves are also known as the natural habitats of Swiftlet birds which nest in these caves. Their edible nests are sold after the birds leave the nests and are quite precious in the Chinese cuisine. Plenty of other animals can be found in the area, especially bats. Keeping a watch out for these animals and at the same time, respecting their habitat is important. The forest department does not take littering or natural destruction lightly.

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