Anthropological Museum

Opp Bengali Club, Middle Point, Port Blair


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For all those interested in knowing about the life and times of the tribes of the Islands, the Anthropological Museum is the place to visit. The Islands are inhabited by six native tribes- four Negroid viz, Onges, Sentinelese, Jarawas and Andamanese; and two Mongloid viz, Shompens and Nicobarese. Even today, these tribes maintain very little contact with the rest of the world and visitors are not allowed inside tribal areas without special permission, making this Museum one of the few windows of opportunity to understand tribal life on the island.

Established in 1975, it is located near Bengali Club at Phoenix Bay. The museum has on display various articles like handicrafts, tools, arts and crafts, implements, photographs and clothing that date back to the era of prominence of these native tribes. It goes on to display models of clay and hay to better describe the houses, utensils, ornaments and equipment used by them.

A complete tour of the museum will take about an hour. It isn’t complete, though, without a peep into the adjoining souvenir shop which has on sale several interesting books, one of which is a rather useful and recommended government publication on indigenous tribes for just ₹20.

In case you aren’t the anthropological nut, you can prioritise and consider making this short and informative visit, depending upon your interests.

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