Badabalu Beach

Chidiyatapu, Andaman



Badabalu beach is a pristine beach, hidden away from all the tourist crowds. This long stretch of greyish sand and blue warm waters is ideal for families with small children. The shallow waters allow long walks by shore fringed with lush green forest offering plenty of shade. The old fallen tress lying on the beach make it very pictures and charming. A good thing is that most of times you’ll have the beach all by yourself as almost no tourist end up here and the locals come only on weekends to have family picnics. There are no facilities, so do bring enough water and some snacks if you intend to stay longer. The downside is being so pristine and with no crowds there are ravenous sandflies that can be very annoying. Repellent is a must and lying on the beach is not a wise thing to pursue. Getting to this secluded beach is quite tricky.

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