Children’s Traffic Park

Marina Park, Port Blair



Children’s Traffic Park is a small park situated near Marina Park. The set up is such that the park resembles a miniature street replete with roads, traffic lights, speed breakers & traffic police. The idea is to help children understand and appreciate traffic rules & teach them how to conduct themselves when in traffic.

The park is usually thronged by the local residents. One may find families strolling in the park and teaching their kids to cycle in the evening. Brightly painted & structured, the park symbolizes the importance of fun in learning. The kids are allowed to borrow bicycles and tricycles for free from 5pm to 8pm.

The Children’s Traffic park is a great place for parents and kids alike. While the adults can relax in peace, the younger ones can pick up a physical activity, enjoy fresh air and learn traffic rules in safety. If you are in Marina Park, this is worth a walk!

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