Betapur Village, Rangat



Dhaninallah is known as the most beautiful beach of Middle Andaman Island with its 5km long stretch of brownish soft sands, blue sea and plenty of shadow along the shore. Most of the time the beach is deserted and you can enjoy long walks all by yourself. Swimming is not affected by tide, so you can jump into the sea whenever you feel like. The location has great potential to become a perfect windsurfing spot, as it gets pretty windy here. At the moment there are no windsurfing facilities so do bring your own equipment. The beach offers a nice picnic area in the shadows of special cassurina trees with benches and sun beds. There are some swings and a bamboo tower from where one can enjoy a pleasant view of the whole beach. Facilities are limited though, as there are no toilets and no shops.

From November to February turtles nest on the shore of Dhaninallah and if lucky, you can see small turtles rushing into the water for the first time. There is also an artificial hatchery from Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary where they take special care for the preservation and protection of turtles. To learn more visit their centre in Cuthbert Bay.

Another unique point about Dhaninallah is the path that leads to the beach. To reach the Dhaninallah beach one has to walk trough dense mangrove forest on a unique Mangrove Nature Walk. The walkway is 713m long and is the longest board walks of its kind in the country. Along the trail one can get to know the diversity of mangroves and other animals living in the rich natural ecosystem. Mangroves constitute a unique habitat for wild animals and birds. There are different kinds of birds nesting and rich marine life with crabs, shrimps and fish as the shallow waters provide breeding grounds for fish and other marine animals. Crocodiles have also been spotted here. Educational boards along the way tell us about the importance of mangroves and their function in nature.

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