Fisheries Aquarium

Near Andaman Water Sports Complex,Port Blair


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The Fisheries Aquarium is located close to the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex. It was partially destroyed during the tsunami but has been rebuilt since. Initially a museum, it was converted to an aquarium in 1997 which now houses over 350 different species of marine life.

Once you go inside, the nostalgic feel of entering a biology lab may wash over you, what with different marine animals preserved in glass jars. One would also find on display various types of shells and corals. The aquarium also has live animals such as huge table corals, crabs, sharks and starfish.

The skeleton of a sperm whale, known for being the largest toothed whale, and life size display of dolphin and saw fish are some of the interesting sights you could take in at the museum.

All in all one would notice that it has a collection quite similar to Samudrika Naval Marine Museum. So you could give this place a miss if you are short on time.

Note: Photography isn’t allowed in the aquarium. So don’t carry your cameras in.

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