Gandhi Park

AHW Colony, Shadipur, Port Blair


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Gandhi Park, located at the centre of Port Blair, provides the kind of peace one seeks, away from the persistent madness of the fast life. Once the only source of drinking of the city, the Park today is a symbol of natural splendour and manmade brilliance.

Built around the Diltaman tank and in only thirteen days, this beautiful park makes for a lovely visit with family, especially if one is bringing along an entourage of tiny feet who will really enjoy the amusement rides, the nature trail around the lake and boating. The park, with an imposing statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the centre, has a few other historical monuments- the remains of a Japanese temple and a bunker ensuring an interesting time.

For those looking for the perfect way to spend a couple of peaceful, lazy hours can leave the young bunch to play on the swings while you take refuge on the bench under the shade of a tree, lost in the pages of that book you brought along. The Park also makes for delightful bird watching.

Outside the park, various food stalls greet the hungry visitor, with pani puri stalls, ice cream carts and Chinese fast food stalls adorning the wayside. Though a quiet and beautiful place, it is not recommended for those who only have a few days time to explore the island.

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