Joggers Park

VIP Road. port Blair


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Holidays ought not to be only about the famous landmarks that you ‘must see’, but also about the little places of rest and quiet that bring you closer to what you wanted at your holiday- a little peace. Joggers’ Park is a special recommendation by us to all honeymooners and also to those who just want to take some time off and watch the world go by.

Nestled near VIP road, at one of the highest points in Port Blair, this quiet little park with its manicured gardens is missed by most who visit the Islands. While it is as peaceful in the morning, the park transforms into something truly breath-taking only after sunset. The view from the benches overlooking an illumined city and the sight of the lit runway of the adjacent airport are nothing short of magical. Spending an hour in such serenity is a good way to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

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