Karmatang beach

Mayabandar, Middle Andaman islands



Long stretches of grey volcanic sand that gently embraced warm shallow waters and mangrove line creeks – This is Karmatang beach for you. One of the best beaches around Mayabandar, this beach is perfect for swimming especially at high tide. There is plenty of shade underneath tall green trees all over the bay. The Forest Department has developed the place into an eco friendly picnic spot with lovely facilities such as bamboo tree houses, playground for children, garbage bins, clean toilets and dressing rooms. There are nature trails around the beach and a parking area. The place is very popular with families usually which visit mainly on weekends. But if come during weekday you’ll have the beach all by yourself. We do not recommend sunbathing here, as there are plenty of sand flies.

The beach is also a turtle nesting ground, as from December to February different kinds of turtles come to lay their precious eggs in the sand. For this reason one is not allowed to stay on the beach after 5pm and the guard will kindly ask you to leave.

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