Marina Park

Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Port Blair



Take it from the multitude of tourists who visit this spot each day- a walk down Marina Park is not to be missed. For the health freaks who fancy a morning jog, the jogging track made on the untouched pristine shore is a pure joy.The water sports complex is perfect for adventure seekers too. Infact, what is remarkable about Marina Park, is that it has something for everyone.
The Children’s Traffic Park here is an impressive concept where the park is designed to replicate a real busy junction with traffic signals and roads. Small tricycles, baby motors and practice bicycles are available on hire for children to drive around in.
The Marine Aquarium which is located nearby is maintained by the Fisheries Department is a small museum-cum-aquarium which showcases the marine life found in the islands
For those looking for a seaside dining experience, Ocean Blue Restaurant, overlooking the sea, is a good place to spend a few hours. Owing to fast service, it also serves well if one just wants to grab a bite on the way to the jetty.
The Water Sports Complex is a good place to try out water sports for beginners, and is one of the two water sports facilities in Port Blair. They offer an array of sporting activities conducted and supervised by trained professionals.
Rides for other islands leave from Aberdeen Jetty here in Marina Park. If chalked out in advance, one can plan their travel smartly by clubbing one’s visit to Marina Park with a visit to these nearby locations.

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