Marine interpretation Centre

Wandoor jetty, Port Blair



Set in a subtle background next to the Wandoor Jetty, the Marine Interpretation Center might look like any other museum in the Andaman. When you step inside, however, you enter into a completely different world.
The museum has been planned down to the very last detail; from the sound of water in the background as you enter the ‘Underwater Life’ section to a life sized replica of a salt water crocodile that welcomes you, the almost lifelike detailing provide a whole new experience. The center also showcases exhibits Dugong, the state animal of Andaman, and marine turtles both nesting and in water.
While we’d suggest you to definitely visit the center if you’re going to the jetty anyway, do not go out of your way to include it in your itinerary. The visit takes up only about 15-20 minutes and the innovative techniques used here make this place worth going to at least once.

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