Moricedera Beach

Rangat, Middle Andaman islands



Further away from Aamkunj beach, about 12km from Rangat, you’ll find a rocky Moricedera beach. More then swimming it serves as a popular picnic and resting place with some sit out areas. The uniqueness of the beach is volcanic rock formation overlooking the sea. There is a short walkway between the two rocks with small benches to sit and admire the lovely views to the open sea. Specially enchanting is admiring the sunrise with absolutely no crowds around. The beach itself is nothing special compared to other Andaman beaches, but if one prefers rocks and smooth rounded stones this is a perfect place to stop by to enjoy a bit of change from sandy puffs. It is not the easiest access to enter the sea though, but the water is clear, warm and quickly deep. Snorkelling offers glimpse of colourful fishes, but there are no live corals. Facilities are limited on Moricedera beach, no toilets or restaurants, but you’ll find stalls selling water, some sweets as well as fresh coconuts. Stock up with food if you intend to stay longer. To get to Moricedera beach one can take a bus to Mayabunder from Rangat and jump of at the bus station. Tell the driver where you’re heading and he will remind you where to go down. A more convenient and faster option is going with a public jeep or auto rickshaw, but is pricier.

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