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Neil’s famous attraction is a natural bridge formation locally known as the Howrah Bridge. To see this natural “wonder” one has to visit the rocky beach No. 2 at low tide when it is possible to walk on its dead corals and rocks to reach the attraction.
For some the sea creatures seen here could also be interesting. You can find small fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, star fish and on some parts you can even see colourful corals are slowly growing again. The rocky surface can get slippery at some parts and many are sharp so one must take care while walking.
In the late afternoons the place can get crowded with tourist as it is the last stop before heading to the sunset point. Check the tide timings before you plan a trip here!
How to get there: The rock formation is about 2km north of the jetty and one has to take a road heading north west after the market. At the start of the small sandy path to go to the beach No. 2 there is a small hut selling snacks, refreshments and fresh mango juices to cool down a bit.