Ram Nagar Beach

Ramnagar beach, Diglipur



Ram Nagar beach is a long stretch of untamed palm trees fringed by mangrove forests on both sides. The greyish volcanic sand makes the sea darker so the bay doesn’t have the typical light blue turquoise colours. Snorkelling is not the best due to the murky waters but swimming, on the other hand is considered to be the best around Diglipur, as it is possible in low and high tide here.
Ram Nagar Beach is also known as a turtle nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. For that reason the beach closes at 5pm and no one is allowed to walk on the sand afterwards. There is an artificial hatchery set up here as well. Between December to march (turtle nesting season) one can see sea turtles laying and eggs and being released into the water . Forest Department is slowly developing the beach into an eco-friendly picnic place for visitors. There are limited facilities and couple of small shops near the bus stand in the village.

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