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Beach No. 3 stretches all over Ramnagar village, but it is difficult to swim in at most points due to the sharp corals. The best sea access options are at the Blue Sea Restaurant and the path just across Deep Sea Resort on the main road. The beach bay is lovely with clear blue water, calm sea and yellowish sand. There is plenty of shade from the nearby trees and the place is perfect for a good read near the sea.

Beach No. 3 offers nice snorkelling with great visibility and lots of colourful fish along the S shaped coral reef, but one has to swim further into the sea to reach the best points with live corals. Appropriate for experienced swimmers as the waves on the reef sometimes can get quite big and the currents strong. The beach is completely deserted most of the time and is best for tose who seek some privacy.The stretch of beach here offers also a spectacular sunset views without any crowds compared to the beach No. 1.