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The Samudrika museum presents a perfect blend of the old and the new, the present and the past. The museum has been thoughtfully divided into five different rooms, each of them showcasing a different facet of the Andaman Islands. A massive blue whale, in its skeletal form of course, greets you as you enter the museum.

Did you know that Andaman apparently has been named after Lord Hanuman or Handuman as they refer to him here?
From its name to how it came to be formed, the first room deals with the geographical history of the islands.The second and third rooms will be quite a delight for the young and the old alike. An aquarium in the second room is teeming with fishes of all shapes and sizes, from a parrot fish to the rare and venomous species of stone fish. The third room on the other hand exhibits corals, which the islands are quite famous for. A fourth room houses an extensive display of shells. Thus giving one a complete sense of the marine life of the Andamans.

As important as the marine life is to the Andamans, one can’t leave the museum without visiting the fifth room. Here one will find information about the tribal life in the islands along with a display of interesting specimens of snakes and butterflies. You should visit the curio shop in case you want to take back a few souvenirs of your trip here.

Advice: Dont use flash during photography. It disturbs the marine animals.

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