Science Centre

Goodwill Estate, Corbyn’s Cove Road


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The Science Centre at Goodwill Estate is a delightful place to spend an afternoon with your family. It is a large museum established in 2003, fostering an environment of fun-filled learning, with a playground with innovative slides and swings within its compound. The models on display explain some very interesting natural phenomena like the behaviour of fishes according to climates and the way the oceans work, guaranteeing to keep both adults and children fascinated.

The museum also displays scientific facts in an innovative manner with several simple experiments like the liquid painting which shows the velocity of liquid, amongst many others. The Centre now, also, houses the remains of the first ever aircraft to have entered the island. The amphibian surveillance plane called ‘VT AAN’ crashed after a week. The broken pieces were later reassembled and restored by engineering students on the island and is now kept in the museum, the access to which will soon be available to general public, along with the new Jurassic Park-themed light and sound show.

Conveniently close to Corbyn’s Clove beach, this could be a worthwhile visit, especially for those travelling with school-going children. The entry fee is waived for students upon showing their ID cards.

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