Mongluton rubber plantation

Wandoor, Port Blair



One of the largest in the area, ten thousand rubber trees populate this plantation. This little known plantation in South Andaman, however, is a short detour we suggest you take, especially if you have never had the chance to visit a rubber plantation before.
At the entrance, hundreds of golden brown sheets of drying rubber greet the curious wanderer. The rows of elegant trees dressed in tarpaulin skirts are a sight to see. You can ask for a guided tour of the plantation, and your self-appointed guide will walk you through the entire process of converting raw rubber or ‘latex’ into sheets of rubber. The process starts with collection of rubber, called ‘tapping’ from the trees and is later rolled through manual rollers into rubber sheets in the processing unit. While not the best smelling place to be in, the trip will be worth the while.
Apart from rubber, coconut, beetel nut and spices like cinnamon and cloves are also grown here. One can buy small packets of these spices from the souvenir shop nearby, which also offers for sale local handicrafts, pure honey, fresh tender coconut water and coconut milkshake (recommended).
A tour of the plantation will not take more than 20 minutes of your time. The plantation is only 15 minutes away from Sippighat and can certainly be squeezed into your travel schedules while going to or coming from Wandoor.

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