Whisper Wave Waterfalls

Little Andaman, South Andaman islands



If you are eager to have a true jungle experience Whisper Wave Waterfalls are definitely worth a try. Tucked away in the evergreen jungle they can be reached trough a tough yet rewarding journey. The wild and bumpy jungle path only allows a ride of 40 minutes after which one must continue the journey on foot for another 4km.

Whisper Waves waterfall is in two levels, the first being broad and with calm green waters. Saltwater crocodiles have been spotted here so one must be careful. The second level is definitely safer. After climbing the slippery rocks up to the second waterfall, there is a fresh water pool. Swimming is possible and a jump after a sweaty trek is definitely rewarding. The path itself is not too hard; it is the heat and humidity that make the trek difficult. The best time for visiting Whisper Wave Waterfalls is in dry season. The waters are lower but there are not many snakes or other insects to spoil your trip into the jungle. In rainy season that changes and millions of insects, especially leeches crawl up. It is important to use repellent and take special care where walking. Long pants, long sleeved t-shirts and proper shoes are essential. It is smart to get a guide if possible and almost every resort can arrange one for you. For all adrenaline junkies this is definitely a must do activity.

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