Zoological Survey Museum

Haddo, Port Blair



A sea of museums flood the Andaman Islands (no pun intended), each offering the tourists something different. With many other museums, The Zoological Survey of India Museum located in Haddo, seems to have lost its charm. In the same building as Zoological Survey of India office, this museum has a wide range of collection from the world of zoology. Research students, scientists and animal enthusiasts will find this museum quite informative. In addition to marine life; the museum houses other mammals, reptiles and birds quite characteristic of the islands.

What sets this museum apart from Samudrika and Fisheries Aquarium is the display of beautiful butterflies, beetles, mammals and birds. One could see beetles of all sizes, right from the size of mustard to ones that are 5 cms long. There are also stuffed specimens of parakeets and hawk among others to be seen in the birds section.

When it comes to the marine specimens, one will find them similar to those in Samudrika Naval Marine Museum and others. What does help people especially researchers, is the well labelled displays complete with genetic and species names.

All in all, though interesting for many, this museum is not the most recommended museum in Port Blair. Keep Samudrika on the top of your list.

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