Blue View

Netaji Nagar, Little Andaman


About the hotel

Blue view was the first bamboo hut resort to open up for tourists in Little Andaman. Five years later this family run resort is the most popular and most economical place on the island.

The huts are nothing special actually, just a simple room with bed and a mosquito net without attached bathrooms. However, the guests are ready to overlook all this for the super friendly and “always ready to help Baba" owner. He is an amazing host and makes you feel like a part of a family.
The relaxed vibe at the common dining area is great for exchanging travel stories among fellow travellers while gorging on home made specialities. The small restaurant serves fresh seafood from the market as well as Indian and some international dishes upon request. Pancakes are definitely the best on the island. Dinner pre-order is advisable to avoid long waiting, especially if coming hungry.
The beach is just across the road and Butler Bay is not far. They rent surfboards and can be quite helpful in contacting the right surfing teacher. Motorbike or scooter rent is also available. They also provide useful tips about the right spots to snorkel or arrange a guide for jungle treks or waterfalls.

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