Dreamland Resort

Radhanagar (No. 7), Havelock Island


About the hotel

Dreamland Resort's greatest plus point is that it is only a stone's throw away from the popular Radhanagar Beach (or beach #7). Started only as a restaurant with amazing seafood specialities, today it is especially popular with families. It went on to adding small bamboo huts for backpackers, offering these at INR 600/night or even lesser in the off-season.

While it is called a Resort, do not expect anything more than just basic facilities - it is a family-run resort, like many other in the Andamans. Boasting only of basic provisions, the huts and concrete jointed rooms are close together and there is limited privacy. The bamboo huts (with communal bathrooms) have concrete flooring. Their AC and non-AC rooms, though pricier, are better options.

They organise fishing, snorkelling and boat trips and even arrange scuba diving courses or fun dives with one of the dive centres. The Dreamland homemade cuisine remains popular and their restaurant is a great place to sip some delicious tea after admiring the sunset on beach #7.

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