Eco Villa Palm Beach Resort

Govind Nagar (Village No. 2), Havelock Island



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About the hotel

Bamboo thatched huts and cottages among palm trees on a lovely beach, Eco Villa is the stuff dreams are made of, especially for environment lovers.

They have 12 cottages, each a different type made by local craftsmen. These huts are made from natural materials and one of them even has a palm tree growing right through it! Some are air conditioned but all of them are equipped with a fan, a refrigerator and attached bathroom. The best pick is a beachfront villa where the sea is only 1.5 metres away during high tide.

One of its kind on Havelock, they live by the three-R’s- reduce (or in their case, eliminate) use of artificial cleansers, reuse plastic and recycle their waste. Their efforts concentrate on promoting sustainable tourism, contributing their profit to eco-initiatives and they offer free filter water and use local products in their kitchen. As a new initiative, they are starting a marine conservation Scuba Diving Company named Eco Diver, offering diving courses on the emphasis on marine environment protection and education.

For all its environment consciousness, Eco Villa is not light on the pockets. They have an online booking system and do not take walk-ins. Bookings made well in advance may get discounts.

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