Hotel De Marina

Atlanta Point, Port Blair


About the hotel

Hotel De Marina is a hotel situated walking distance from the cellular jail, Marina Park and other major attractions.

The hotel consists of 18 rooms of which 10 face the sea and 8 are city facing. The hallways and hotels are decorated with plants and local furniture. The guests can enjoy the view from all four floors through the glass window of the lift.

The wheelchair ramps make it easy to access different parts of the hotel. The rooms have ACs, TVs, cabinets, mini fridges, tea and coffee makers. All the floors have CCTV surveillance for guests to feel safe. The hotel is ideal for families, groups and couples.

The multi cuisine terrace restaurant offers a view of the Marina Park, sea, Ross Island, clock tower, and other attractions. Guests can avail facilities like Wi-Fi, laundry, bike rentals and room service.

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