Hotel Rajadeepam

Old Pahad Gaon, Dollygunj


About the hotel

Rajadeepam Hotel is a basic stay located in Dolly Gunj. It is two and half kilometres from the airport. The hotel consists of two floors of Deluxe and standard rooms. There is no lift. The rooms have double beds, wardrobes, coffee table and chairs. The deluxe rooms are bigger, have LCDs, min-fridge and sofas. The western bathrooms have showers and are very spacious.
The hotel also offers laundry, room service, Wi-Fi, pick-up and drop services. The multi cuisine restaurant offers both veg and non-veg dishes. The buffet for veg is rupees 250 and for on veg is 270. The hotel staff are very friendly and hospitable. This place is ideal for families and groups that are looking for budget accommodation and don’t mind being away from the city centre.

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