Jina Resort

Netaji Nagar, Little Andaman


About the hotel

Like Bluesea, Jina resort is another fine option for those searching for simple and affordable bamboo huts with shared bathrooms. You can choose among cheaper jointed huts or separated ones.

The huts are neatly built in a circle that enhances the cosy atmosphere with the small restaurant in the middle. They serve Indian food and some seafood, with delicious steam fish wrapped in a banana leaf.

The staff is friendly and can be very helpful with arranging guides for jungle treks, drivers to lighthouse or providing information about the best snorkelling spots. They also rent out surfboards and can provide a surfing instructor for all eager to learn how to ride the waves.
Butler Bay Beach and the surfing break point are both in the vicinity. The beach just across the road also provides some fine waves for beginners. With the property being so close to the beach, sand flies are often a problem here. Motorbike or scooter rent is also possible at the resort.

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