Nagri Inn

Lamba Line, Port Blair


About the hotel

Nagri Inn is a small, family run inn situated opposite the airport, by the main road. Its convenient location makes it ideal for night stays after entering or before leaving the islands.

They offer 13 simple but spacious rooms, within two categories. The deluxe ones are a better pick, as they are garden oriented and offer a nice view to the lovely and well-maintained greenery in the middle of the inn. All the rooms offer AC, but if you don’t wish to have it they will switch it off and provide a discount. They also have bigger family rooms with triple beds if necessary. The staff is very friendly and cooperative. They have a small in-house restaurant which serves mainly Indian cuisine.
Do note, it can get a little noisy at times, due to its proximity to the airport and all the rooms are different from each other. If a budget friendly, simple accommodation is what you are looking for, we recommend this stay.

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