Pellicon Beach Resort

Vijay Nagar, Havelock Island


About the hotel

Pellicon, situated on a beautiful stretch of beach number 5 is a resort that offers varied types of cottages and stay options.

They have three types of rooms - from small very basic bamboo huts on stilts to bigger, more comfortable ones with attached bathrooms. They have small balconies allowing their guests  to laze in the sun and enjoy the quiet.
The property is quite spacious but there are few trees so it can get really hot in some cottages during the day.

The service is poor and the owner is not the friendliest. Do not try to bargain as he can kick you out, especially if you set the price too low. They are very strict about their checking out time, if one is late for more than 10 minutes they charge the whole day payment. Be careful of that.

There is an in-house restaurant serving basic Indian fare and some continental options for breakfast. The place is not too far from the main market and there are couple of good restaurants around.
Pellicon should be on your list only if other accommodations on the island are taken.

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