The Kingdom

Govind Nagar (No. 2), Havelock Island



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About the hotel

The Kingdom is a huge concrete hotel located near the main road in village No. 2, not far from the jetty. The hotel building remains unfinished as the second floor is still under construction. One would think this is an old hotel judging by the looks but it opened a couple of years back.
The Kingdom offers different types of accommodations. There are delux rooms with all amenities. There is a big double bed, AC, TV, coffee/tea maker and even an electronic safe. The en-suites bathrooms are worn-out and could definitely use some cleaning.
The hotel has an in-house restaurant and a bar, both the service and food is average. They also have a conference room. A better pick would be the newer two-story cottages located by the beachfront across the road. They offer the same modern amenities but in a cleaner and more up to date environment. Sure they are pricier but they offer a far better holiday experience compared to the hotel rooms. The only downside is that package tourists have all the meals in the main hotel building, which is around 500 metres away.

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