6 Spots to Get your Coffee Fix in Andaman?

Written By Darshan Gowda on July 10, 2024 Port BlairHavelockNeil Island

Port BlairHavelockNeil Island

6 Spots to Get your Coffee Fix in Andaman?

Hey Coffeeholics!

If you’re typing ‘coffee near me’ when you’re down in the Islands, and not much is turning up, worry not! The islands are still behind when it comes to great brews. But we’ve got you covered with a list of the top spots, tried and loved by us, fellow caffeine junkies who can’t get past 12 noon without a cuppa.

Here’s where to find Perfect coffee in Andaman

1. Aloha Cafe, Havelock

Hands down the best coffee spot on the islands! They use a great blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, and their top-notch brewing machines ensure a perfect cup every time with a rich texture. Craving dessert with a kick after dinner? Their Affogato is a must-try. Trust us, one is never enough!


2. Bonova, Havelock

Bonovo serves up delicious Lavazza coffee with a yummy biscuit on the side. The speakeasy vibes and English cottage ambience make it the perfect place to work or take a call. Need a cozy corner in Havelock? Bonovo is your go-to spot. 


3. Dugong, Neil Island

Dugong, where your coffee dreams come to life with a side of island beauty. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee in a relaxed, beachside setting with gorgeous views of Neil Island. And don’t forget to try their delicious snacks, perfect for a beachside coffee break or a sunset treat.


4. Brewbeans, Port Blair

This place might not serve fancy Cortados or Piccolos, but the hosts are so friendly and enthusiastic that they’ll whip up whatever you desire. With their excellent coffee machine and warm hospitality, Brewbeans is the best spot for coffee lovers in Port Blair. 


5. Welcomhotel ITC, Port Blair

Whether you’re at Swizzle bar or the restaurant, ITC offers a standard good coffee similar in taste to Brewbeans. Although they aren’t able to maintain a consistent texture. But it all is offset by the mighty beautiful views, some of the best in Port Blair. Sip your coffee while soaking in the stunning scenery.


6. Full Moon Cafe, Havelock

Although we love hanging at Full Moon Cafe because the food and ambience is consistently super good, we also recommend trying out their french press coffee. The added benefit is that it’s right at the beach and has decent quality coffee beans. You could also try the South Indian filter kappi.


7. Go2Andaman HQ, Port Blair

This is just for gags and LOLs – we don’t really serve coffee. We do have a big stash of the best brands from Blue Tokai to Subko, to Araku and a few rogue but speciality coffee beans. But yes, if you’re crazy enough and reach out to us about this, we’ll love to brew you a cup and talk about your travel plans while you’re here!

Darshan Gowda