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Dhanilalah Beach

Moricedera Beach

Aamkunj Beach

Rangat is the second largest town in the Andaman islands. Just like Mayabunder, this town is not very popular with tourists. It is rarely on the traveler’s list of must-see places, but those who do end up here can be surprised by the attractions it has to offer.

There are unique beaches, some with volcanic rocks and others with pristine sand, perfect for turtle nesting during the season (December to January). There are mangrove sanctuaries and awareness centers with the longest walking trails among mangrove forests in India. After the monsoons, one can even visit a scenic waterfall or wander around enormous plantations of spices.

All sights are more or less equidistant from Rangat and some planning has to be done if you want to explore all of them. The town itself has nothing much to offer. There are some shops, with well-stocked markets, food stalls, and plenty of chai sellers.

Fisheries and cultivation are the two primary occupations of the locals. Since they see few tourists, they can seem over-friendly and sometimes even over-charge for services.

How to Reach Rangat?

Several morning bus services are available between Port Blair and Rangat. The journey through Andaman Trunk Road is very tiring and it can take up to seven hours by bus. Some Jarawa tribals can be seen on the way. Do note that any interaction with them is illegal. The bus station is at the center of Rangat from where almost all the accommodation options are reachable by foot.

There is also a government boat that connects Rangat Bay from Havelock/Neil/Port Blair and vice versa. The jetty is around a 10 km distance from the main bazaar. The boat runs four days a week but it is advisable to check the schedule, as it is subject to change.

Another option for how to get to Rangat is by a small ferry from Long Island. In a short boat ride through mangrove creeks, you’ll reach Yerrata jetty, which is about 8km away from the main market.

There are auto-rickshaws and public jeeps available and if lucky you can also catch a local bus. Again, do check for timetables though as they do change.

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Getting Around in Rangat

Getting around Rangat is pretty easy, since it is a small town you can cover it all on foot. On the other hand, if you would like to visit the nearby attractions it can be quite difficult and pricey.

The distances between attractions are quite remote and too far to be reached on foot. There are public jeeps and auto-rickshaws available but can be very expensive for non-locals. Unfortunately, there are no scooters or bike rentals possible. But try to hop on the local buses that can take you in the direction of Mayabunder and you can hop off at the wished attraction.

Do ask for exact timings though, as there are only a few rides per day.

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What to Do in Rangat?

Moricedera Beach

Aamkunj Beach

Dhanilalah Beach

Yerrata Mangrove Awareness Centre

The outskirts of Rangat have beautiful attractions that offer experiences that will appeal mostly to nature lovers and adventure junkies.

Murichdera is a rocky mountainous terrain opposite Aamkunj Bay and perfect for a trek. In the midst of Panchawati hills, there is a small waterfall to be found but is best visited during the rainy season.

For all botany enthusiasts, there are numerous plantations and agriculture farms where one can see how spices or even coffee are being grown. Of course, then there are the evergreen mangrove creeks and forests with exotic flora and fauna. These are ideal for bird watching.

The beaches offer swimming and even snorkeling, but do take care of the sharp rocks at some beaches. There are no dive centers nor snorkel rental places, so don’t forget to bring your own gear.

Sunbathing is possible at Aamkunj and Moricedera beach as both are sand flies free. From December to February one can observe turtle nesting and baby turtles hatching on the beaches of Cuthbert Bay and Dhanilalah.

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Restaurants in Rangat

Food in Aroma Restaurant

Food in Teja Restaurant

There aren’t too many choices of restaurants in Rangat, but there are enough for one to grab a satisfying meal. Plenty of food stalls and small cheap eateries are dotted around the main bazaar. They mainly serve South Indian and Bengali dishes. You can find refreshments, snacks, and chai almost on every corner.

The restaurant at Teja tower is recommended.

Hotels and Resorts in Rangat

Rangat is slowly developing its tourism infrastructure and old lodges are being slowly renovated and turned into decent hotels. So if you get stuck for a night there are some fine options available. From cheap lodge options to comfortable and clean rooms in a business hotel all being spread in the vicinity of the main market.

There is also a governmental guesthouse ava ilable at Cuthbert Bay Beach, which is about 15 minutes bus ride north of Rangat.

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