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About Little Andaman

A Splendid View of Butler Bay Beach

Clear Waters of Harmindar Bay Beach

A Beautiful View of White Surf Waterfall

Little Andaman is the furthest inhabited island among the Andaman Islands, located 120km south of Port Blair. But don’t get fooled by its name, as it is one of the largest islands open to tourism and yet its remote location makes it the least visited.

Those that do make the long journey south will stumble across deserted pristine beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, dense evergreen rainforest, red oil palm plantations, and the best surf in India.

Little Andaman’s diversity offers plenty of activities and natural sights to explore. However, Dugong Creek in the North and South Bay area, a tribal reserve for the Onge community, as well as a Nicobarese settlement, are both off-limits to tourists.

The island’s relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and the simplicity of the place usually persuade visitors to stay longer than intended at first.

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How to Reach to Little Andaman?

Daily government ferries connect Phoenix Bay and Haddo Wharf in Port Blair with Hut Bay (in Little Andaman). The journey takes about 6 to 8 hours depending on the ferry type and weather conditions. There are also longer overnight ferries. You can pick double or four-bed cabins, a seat, or stay on the deck. For a schedule of boat services check in advance or visit the website

If you are eager to leave on the exact date get your tickets at least two days before. In peak season, make sure you book tickets in advance. Early morning queuing is also possible as sometimes you can get lucky and purchase your ticket 1 hour before departure at the ticket counter.

Another quick option for reaching Little Andaman is traveling via helicopter. This is pricier, the seats are limited, locals or government officials are favored and luggage is restricted. However, if you manage all the above, you are guaranteed to have a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. The joy of viewing the islands so clearly from the sky is unparalleled. One must book helicopter tickets a day before the scheduled travel date.

Getting Around in Little Andaman

This island is best explored on a motorbike or a scooter. Renting a ride is easy as almost all guesthouses and resorts can arrange a two-wheeler for you. Rental shops are also scattered all around the market area. Prices per day vary from Rs 300 to 400 depending on the season and duration of rent. Check the bike, especially the breaks before you accept it. Most of the bikes are far from perfect condition.

Do make sure you refill the gas before 5 pm as all the petrol shops close afterward. Sometimes gas suppliers run out of petrol and the price of gas increases.

If you prefer public transport, Small local busses ply around the island. They charge anywhere between Rs 7 to Rs 15. Ask the locals for the schedule. All you have to do is wave to the driver and they will stop to pick you up and drop you on the way.

Auto rickshaws and public jeeps are also broadly available and they’ll cost you from Rs 10 to Rs 50. If they pick you at the jetty you’ll have to pay Rs 100 per person for a jeep ride to your resort.

What to do in Little Andaman?

Little Andaman – Paradise for surfers

Game Fishing

Little Andaman is full of options on how to actively spend your time. Surfing is definitely the most famous activity on the island. While it has always been known to surfing-pros it now also gaining popularity among locals and some Indian tourists. Some resorts are already renting outboards and offer training.

Adrenaline junkies will be thrilled to know there are also plenty of trekking options on the island too. Lush jungles, palm plantations, and trails leading to spectacular waterfalls offer a tiring but exciting walk. White Surf waterfall is easily accessible, but for the bigger Whisper Wave waterfall, one has to venture deeper into the jungle. Both are better visited in the dry season when there are fewer insects and no puddles and swamps.

Please Note: Swimming in freshwater is not advisable, as salt-water crocodiles have been spotted here several times.

Swimming in the sea, however, is a fine option. Deserted beaches with warm waters are welcoming. Special care is needed at some parts though, as the sea can be rough and the riptides strong. Turn away for too long and you may find yourself much further from the shore than you have imagined.

Snorkeling is possible only on few beaches, like Harminder Bay Beach or near the jetty. On the other beaches, big waves and low visibility make it hard to snorkel. There is no dive center on Little Andaman.

Game fishing is gaining popularity so some fishermen can take you along on their boats.

Sunbathing and relaxing on the serene beaches is actually the toughest activity to pursue, because numerous sand flies are a problem, spoiling the otherwise perfect setup. If you have insect repellents, carry them along!

What to See in Little Andaman

Red Oil Palm Plantation

Butler Bay Beach

Kalapathar Beach

Harminder Bay

White Surf Waterfall

Little Andaman has plenty to offer, since the island is very diverse and huge. From Andamans best and deserted beaches to breath-taking waterfalls, mangrove forest trails to broad red oil plantations, damps, and ponds full of red carpet lotus flowers and water lilies in the rainy season. There is something to see and enjoy for everyone.

Beach lovers are going to be thrilled to know Little Andaman has the longest beach on the whole Andaman islands. From Hut Bay to Butler Bay there is a 22 km stretch of untouched beach, turquoise waters and green shade.

Other fine options are Kalapathar Beach or Harminder Bay, which each offer a special bathing experience in the pools created at low tide. The journey itself is also visiting the highest lighthouse in the Andamans, climbing the top, and enjoying the views of the island.

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Restaurants in Little Andaman?

Food in Disha Hotel

Food in Meena Hotel

Food in Siva Hotel

Food in Vvet Palm Groove Restaurant

Eating on Little Andaman is a bit different than on other more touristic islands. They have very few restaurants and hotels, the latter standing for a fast-food eatery and not a place to stay.

Hotels mainly serve typical Indian fare like thalis and catch of the day from local fishermen. Almost all close after lunchtime and reopen for dinner at 5.30 pm or 6 pm. However, every accommodation has its own little kitchen where they prepare fresh food on order and some of them also offer international dishes such as pancakes and sandwiches.

Since the food is prepared from the scratch it takes an hour or more for preparation. There are also smaller food stalls in the villages that serve Indian snacks and chai.

Hotels in Little Andaman

While most of the touristy islands escaped severe damage from the 2004 tsunami, Little Andaman didn’t share the same luck. Almost the entire island was ravaged, but it is slowly bouncing back on the track, rebuilding small bamboo hut resorts and other infrastructure. However, there are still limited stay options as the island has few resorts with a couple of governmental guesthouses.

Accommodation is much cheaper than in the other islands but the choice is poor as there are mainly budget bamboo huts with shared bathrooms. So-called “eco-friendly” places are the same as everywhere else on the Andaman Islands, meaning that cheaper natural material was used instead of concrete.

There are still unsolved issues about waste disposals and recycling, so eco-friendliness is under a question mark.

Camping is not permitted on public land, but some places allow putting a tent on their property for a small fee. There are no luxury hotels available. Almost all places are run by the local families, which give you a welcoming friendly feeling like staying at their home. The prices vary in high and low seasons and if you stay for longer they will give you a special discount.

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