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When is the Best Time to Visit Andaman?

One of the questions that we encounter frequently, is – What is a good time to visit Andaman? If anyone were to run a quick google search, the most popular answer would be October to May, i.e., the dry season. However, at Go2Andaman’s, we like to think a little differently and add our own spin to it. We believe that the perfect answer to that question largely depends on two things–what one wants to do in Andaman and how much would one be willing to spend there. Based on these points, for Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the best time to visit has been carefully thought out and planned for you. The following article addresses all travel-related questions about the most suitable time to travel to Andaman, based on your needs.

Monthly Andaman Weather Forecast

Andaman is visited by tourists from different corners of the world. All through the year, the temperature hovers between the mid-20s and high-30s, with varying levels of humidity and precipitation. The Andaman weather looks like this.

Best Time to Visit Andaman for Good Weather

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman experiences two kinds of weather, primarily the rainy season (monsoons) and the dry season (aka summer or mild winter). Weather-wise, the best season to visit Andaman is the dry season, between October to May, i.e., the winter and summer months.
The weather around this time is suitable for water sports, adventure sports, and outdoor activities. June to September is the monsoon period and the off-season in Andaman. This period witnessed plenty of heavy rainfall, and tours have often been canceled due to cyclonic weather or strong winds. Ferries and cruises will be functional in May and June, but their frequency is largely dependent on the weather conditions.

Best Time to Plan a Trip/Book Hotels and Ferries for Andaman

M V Pilomillow – Govt Ferry in Andaman

The rush season in Andaman being October to May, one always runs the risk of running out of good hotels to stay at. Since this period also coincides with festivals and school winter vacations in the Indian mainland, it is advisable to plan the trip at least 2 months in advance. We recommend booking the flights, ferries, and hotels, at the earliest. The rest of the logistics can be sorted at a later stage.

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Best Time to Plan a Diving Trip to Andaman

This is for the divers/or those keen on taking a dive course in Andaman. The most pleasant months are the non-monsoon months, primarily October to May, both in terms of heat and water conditions (i.e., visibility underwater). However, it is advisable to be prepared for passing cyclones or unexpected rains, as that would lead to unpredictable changes in the water.

The best way to go about it is to cross-check with one’s dive school in advance or verify about the weather on the internet, before finalizing the travel dates.

Having said that, if one wants to experience a short and fun diving session, any time of the year is suitable.

When to go to Andaman for Water Sports?

Water sport is a great way to channel one’s adrenaline rush through the pristine waters of Andaman. Since visibility underwater is the highest during the dry season, along with clear weather conditions, October to May becomes the best period for water sports in Andaman. All rides and water sports centers are functional during this period of the year.

Best Time for Discounts in Andaman

The perfect time for availing of good discount in Andaman is during the offseason, i.e., May to September. One can expect a discount rate as high as 50 percent in June/July on hotels, activities, and plane costs, although ferry prices would remain constant. We believe that the smart way to go about this is to remember to plan a trip that is not only flexible but also fully prepared for an unexpected turn of events.

For the traveler who wouldn’t mind the rains and/or wants to experience a relaxing holiday, this would be a perfect time.

Best Time for a Destination Wedding in Andaman

Andaman is not the most picked spot for romantic getaways, thereby, making it a perfect location for those who want to do an offbeat destination weddings. Here, the summer months tend to be drier with low chances of rainfall, than the winter months. Hence, February/March has its advantages like lesser rainfall, and possibility of booking rooms in bulk, since the peak seasonal crowd starts to thin out around this time. Although a destination wedding in the summer months of February/March could be an expensive affair, if planned in advance, it could be done in a cost-effective manner.

Best Time for Booking Flight Tickets

The flight fares to Andaman tend to fluctuate by quite a high margin. Typically, booking flights approximately 1-4 months in advance, for the peak season of October-February, offers the best fares. Other than this, we have also surprisingly seen flights for as low as 3000 INR/ticket, as last minute deals. If one is planning a trip during the holidays of Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas or New Year; one should book at least 6 weeks prior to travel dates.

Best Time to Visit Andaman to See Turtle Nesting

Andaman is home to different species of turtles mainly found around North Andaman (Kalipur beach in Diglipur), Middle Andaman and Little Andaman. The best Andaman season for witnessing turtle nesting is between November and March. During the nesting season, female turtles find their way onto the sand to dig a hole and lay their eggs. If one is lucky, one might be able to spot a few in April as well. It is always best to check with local operators, about the turtle nesting season, as this is highly dependent on weather conditions.

Best Time to Visit Andaman for Bird Watching in Andaman

A large number of varied species of birds have evolved in Andaman. The islands have over 270 species of birds, including migratory and endemic birds. The ideal time for bird watching is before and after monsoons, i.e., February to May. The notable areas for sighting these species are Mount Harriet, Sippi Ghat, Chidiatapu, Farar Ganj and Havelock. We suggest going with local experts, as they would be the best guide into remote locations for bird watching.

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Best time to Visit Andaman for Backpackers/Adventure Seekers

For backpackers and adventure seekers, the best time to go to Andaman is between September end/early October or April end to May end. The weather is quite pleasant around this time and the availability of plenty of good deals (since it is between the peak and the end of the Andaman season), makes this period the opportune time to enjoy the best of Andaman. Due to lesser crowd at most places, walk-ins are generally welcomed across otherwise populated tourist spots.

Best time to Visit Andaman for Honeymooners/ Romantic Holiday

Andaman is one of the top romantic holiday spots, in and around India. If the travelling couple is keen on trying out adventure sports, then the best month to go to Andaman is during the season, starting from October and going up to May. For the couple who is happy to stay indoors, enjoy a cocktail with a view of the beach, and head out for walks around the place, the monsoons are a good time to visit Andaman.

October to May

The best time to visit Andaman is the dry season, from October to May, which also overlap with the winter and summer months, respectively. During this period, one can try out different water sports, adventure sports and outdoor activities. As this is right after the monsoons, the chances of rainfall interrupting the visit are unlikely. However, because of favourable weather and the holiday season in the mainland of India, the price of flights and accommodation might shoot up. Hence, it is advisable to book tickets at least 6 weeks in advance.

Main events during this period
  • The Island Tourism Festival: The annual cultural festival organised for promoting tourism for islanders. The event is held at Port Blair generally during the month of January.
  • Diwali: This is the Hindu festival of lights, that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, all across India. During this time, one can generally expect Port Blair to be lit up brightly, along with citizens dressed in traditional attire, followed by firecrackers and other festivities.
  • Holi: Holi is an ancient Hindu festival that celebrates love and colours. The festival is celebrated by smearing coloured powder on one another, usually celebrated by the beach (although there are no specific beach parties planned in advance).
  • New Year/Christmas: The week from Christmas to New Year is a time where the entire island comes together, and enjoy all the festivities. Hotels are decked up especially for this occasion and parties are planned to celebrate New Year/Christmas. It is advisable to enquire about this while booking.
  • Turtle Nesting Season: The turtle nesting season in Andaman is November-March when the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.
  • Dive Courses: This is also a suitable time to take a dive course in Andaman. Based on favourable weather conditions and visibility, this period is perfect to enjoy a good dive.

May to September

This period in Andaman is largely the offseason, as well as, the monsoon period. Around this time, Andaman is home to incessant rainfall and cyclones as well as strong winds. Often, tours have been cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions. Although there will be functional ferries and cruises in the months of May and June, its frequency would change as per the weather. One advantage of going to Andaman in the offseason, are the discounts and offers that are available due to the lesser number of tourists. The beaches are also less crowded during this time. For travellers who are happy to relax and stay indoors, this is the best time to travel to Andaman. This is the best time to visit Andaman for those travellers who are looking to save some money.

Main events during this period
  • Ganesh Chaturthi: It is a Hindu festival to celebrate the arrival of Ganesha to earth. The day is celebrated with dance, worship and laughter to honour the birth of the elephant-headed deity, Ganesha. A remarkable sight to see here is the carrying of the idol of Lord Ganesha to the beaches for Visarjan, i.e., immersion of the idol in the water.
  • Independence Day: On the 15th of August, the island celebrates Independence Day. On this day, the island witnessed the hoisting of the National Flag and the parade led by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and NCC Cadets. During the evening, the ships of the Indian Navy, Coast Guard and Directorate of Shipping Services will be illuminated from sunset to night, making it a wonderful sight to see. Multiple colourful flags would be fired from the ships during the parade as well as at sunset. However, not all parades are accessible to civilians, but nevertheless, the celebration of Independence Day at The Cellular Jail is a must-watch.

Planning a Trip to Andaman and Best Time to Visit Andaman

#1 Port Blair

Located on South Andaman Island, the capital city of Port Blair, is the gateway to the rest of Andaman. Port Blair is best visited between October and May, as sightseeing becomes convenient when the monsoon season is over. Port Blair is also home to multiple historic monuments, where the light and sound shows are a must-watch. These might be cancelled due to heavy rains during the off-season (May to September). Most hotels/restaurants are also shut temporarily during monsoons for renovation.

#2 Havelock

Havelock Island is known for its dive spots and beaches with coral reefs. Scuba diving and snorkelling are the highlights here. The ideal time to visit Havelock is October to May. Although beaches would be less crowded, and good deals are available at hotels, during the monsoons, outdoor activities become difficult. For instance, one would not be able to go for treks and hikes, due to heavy rain, slippery slopes and leeches.

#3 Neil Island

Neil Island is the hideaway spot for those who want to avoid crowded places in Andaman. It is well connected from both Port Blair and Havelock. This island is also known for its dive sites, water sports and snorkelling. One should visit Neil island between October and May, as the monsoons might become a hard time enjoying the outdoors, as most water sports would be closed due to the rains.

Best Season for Visit to Andaman – Month Wise

  • January: Januaries in Andaman is the start of the dry season, with a maximum temperature of 29 °C and a minimum degree of 23 °C. The Island Tourism Festival is celebrated in January.
  • February: The month of February witnesses a maximum temperature of 30 °C, and a minimum of 23 °C.
  • March: The month of March in Andaman experiences a maximum of 32 °C, and a minimum of 23 °C. Festivals like Shivratri and Holi are celebrated in March.
  • April: The weather in April tends to peak, making it the hottest time of the year. The maximum temperature is 33 °C, and the minimum temperature is 25 °C.
  • May: The rainy season in Andaman begins typically from May. The island experiences frequent showers, and a maximum temperature of 31°C, and a minimum of 25°C.
  • June: In June, one is likely to experience heavy rainfall, and strong winds. The temperature in June reaches a maximum of 30°C and a minimum of 24 °C. Precipitation is highest in the month of June.
  • July: The maximum temperature in July is 29 °C, and the minimum temperature is 24°C.
  • August: The month of August in Andaman experiences a maximum of 29 °C, and a minimum of 24 °C. In this month, 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day.
  • September: Similar to the previous two months, September too experiences a maximum of 29 °C and a minimum of 24 °C. Temperatures during the monsoons can fluctuate based on weather conditions.
  • October: The peak season in Andaman commences in October, with a pleasant temperature of 30°C maximum and 24 °C minimum. The festivals of Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali are celebrated in October.
  • November: By November, the monsoons would have receded completely, and the temperature would hit a maximum of 30 °C, and a minimum of 24 °C.
  • December: December in Andaman witnesses a maximum of 29°C and a minimum of 24 °C. Christmas and New Year Celebrations are held in Andaman in December.

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