When is the Best Time to Visit Andaman?

If you’re looking for the perfect time to visit the Andamans, you need to know what weather to expect, what you can and can’t do, before you decide when to travel.

Popular opinion says that the best time to visit is between the months of October and May, the dry season. But would that accommodate all kinds of travelers? We at Go2Andaman don’t think so. The perfect time for you to travel depends on what type of trip you want to take, the type of weather you prefer, and your budget. 

Our guide will take you through a weather forecast for different aspects and types of travel. 

Andaman Weather Forecast

Andaman is the “it” destination for many travelers from different corners of the world. Throughout the year, the temperature stays somewhere between mid-20s and high-30s, with different levels of humidity and rain.

Best Time to Visit Andaman for Good Weather

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman experiences two major seasons, the monsoons and the dry season (a.k.a summer or mild winter). According to us, the best season to visit Andaman would be the dry season, between October to May! You’ll find yourself here in the winter and summer months.

During these months, you wouldn’t want to miss out on water sports, adventure sports, and outdoor activities. The off-season in Andaman lasts from June to September, so we wouldn’t recommend any travel then. The reason for that is, that during this time, there’s plenty of heavy rainfall which means you might not get the chance to do your activities, spend time at the beach or take a ferry due to unforeseeable climate. Many visits and activities have often been canceled due to cyclonic weather or strong winds. Although ferries and cruises are functional in May and June, whether they will work or not, actually depends on the kind of weather Andaman is facing. So, choose your travel time wisely!

Best Time to Plan a Trip

M V Pilomillow – Govt Ferry in Andaman

Coming back to the peak season for your visit to Andaman, you truly wouldn’t want to miss it. But since this is the most popular season, you must be wondering about the surge in ticket prices, good hotels running out of spaces, and other problems. This is why we recommend that you book your trip at least 2 months in advance. This extremely popular time frame is ideal for the Andamanese too as it’s the time for festivals and winter breaks from school. So book your flights, hotels and ferries at the earliest. 

Book Your Ferry Tickets in Andaman Here

Best Time to Plan a Diving Trip

If you love diving or other water sports, you should definitely continue reading. The most ideal time for you adventure lovers would be the months where these activities are bound to be functional, that is October to May. You do however need to remember that the weather can sometimes be unpredictable and change anytime, which could lead to cancellation of these activities. There’s no guarantee of course, but these months so far are the safest for water sports. 

For your satisfaction, you can contact the instructors you’ve listed down for your activities to ask them about weather conditions. 

However, if you’re planning on a short and fun diving season, any time of the year should work for you!

Best Season for Water sports

The beautiful, blue, shimmery waters of Andaman will fill your senses with joy. What better way to enjoy the sea than trying out various water sports. Again, October to May is the ideal time frame during which you can experience these activities. 

To enjoy the underwater and all that it has to offer, visibility is important, which these months provide. Clear weather conditions will help you experience these activities without a fear in the world! You’ll find all rides functional during this time too.

Best Season for Discounts

For those who are planning a budget trip, reading this should be fun for you. You’ll get the most discounts during May to September, since it is off-season. Now you must be wondering why anyone would want to go during this season. You can expect discounts as high as half off in June and July on hotels, activities, and flight tickets. Ferry costs will stay the same. 

If you feel like these off-season offers are too good to pass over, you should plan a trip that’s flexible and prepare yourself for unexpected weather changes! If you don’t mind the rain, this will go even better for you. 

Best Time for a Destination Wedding in the Andamans

Andaman may not be the first thing you think of when you consider a  romantic getaway. But, it does make for an unusual destination for weddings, that you may end up loving. February and March may be the best time for a wedding in the Andamans. The summers are dry, with little to no chance of rainfall, and hotel rooms are available in bulk. You’ll also run into less crowds, as the peak season rush starts clearing out. 

Weddings in the Andamans can be an expensive affair. We recommend you make bookings in advance so as to save up on your expenses!

Best Time for Booking Flight Tickets

Your to and fro flights to the Andamans won’t come cheap. During the peak season, flight ticket prices soar high. This is why we recommend you book at least 1-4 months in advance if you’re traveling between October to February. 

Flight tickets can get as low as 3000 Rs. per ticket! You should book at least 6 weeks in advance if you’re taking a vacation during major festivals. 

Best Months for Bird Watching in the Andamans

Did you know that the Andamans have the most number of endemic species in India?

The islands are full of nature, including a wide variety of the most beautiful birds. They are home to over 350 species of birds, including migratory and endemic birds. If you’re a nature enthusiast, the best time for you to go bird watching should be somewhere between February to May. You can go to Mount Harriet, Sippighat Wetland, Chidiyatapu and Shoal Bay. These are the best places to go birdwatching!

Best Months for Backpackers/Adventure Seekers

The ideal time for backpackers, adventure-seekers and thrill buffs is to go to the Andamans between September and/early October. Another great time would be between April and May. You’ll find pleasant weather, plenty of great deals and a lot more, making it the best time to enjoy your trip to the Andamans. You’ll also be able to get better opportunities at usually crowded places since there won’t be a lot of people.

Planning Your Trip to the Andamans!

1. Port Blair

Port Blair is the gateway to the rest of the Andaman islands. Located in the South Andaman Island, the best time to visit would be between October and May. Sightseeing will be a lot more convenient after the monsoon season! Port Blair is home to many important historic monuments and places of similar significance. Watch out for the light and sound show! It’ll truly blow your mind. 

2. Havelock

A trip to Andaman remains incomplete if your itinerary does not include Havelock Island. It is known for its dive spots and beaches with coral reefs, perfect for the adventurer in every traveler. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the highlights at Havelock. The ideal time to visit Havelock is October to May. You can visit during the monsoon if you’re not planning to do any water sport activity as you will end up getting much better deals at hotels and crowd free beaches too! You also might not be able to go for treks and hikes, due to heavy rain, slippery slopes and leeches.

3. Neil Island

Neil Island is a hidden gem of the Andamans, perfect for those who just love a little solitude. You can reach this island from both Port Blair and Havelock. The ideal time frame to visit Neil would be between October and May. Monsoons can become a little hard as most water sport activities will remain closed, so plan accordingly! 

Best Months to Visit the Andamans

  • Andaman in January: Januaries in Andaman is when the dry season begins, with a maximum temperature of 29°C and a minimum of 23°C.
  • Andaman in February: The month of February has the highest temperature of 30°C, and a minimum of 23°C.

  • Andaman in March: The month of March in Andaman experiences a maximum of 32°C, and a minimum of 23°C. Look out for Shiv Ratri and Holi festivities!

  • Andaman in April: April is the hottest time of the year, when the maximum temperature can rise to 33°C, and the minimum temperature is 25 °C.

  • Andaman in May: The rainy season in Andaman begins typically from May. The island experiences frequent showers, and a maximum temperature of 31°C, and a minimum of 25°C.

  • Andaman in June: In June, you are likely to experience heavy rainfall, and strong winds. The temperature in June reaches a maximum of 30°C and a minimum of 24 °C. June has the most rainfall.

  • Andaman in July: The maximum temperature in July is 29 °C, and the minimum temperature is 24°C.

  • Andaman in August: The month of August in the Andamans experiences a maximum of 29°C, and a minimum of 24°C. In this month, 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day.

  • Andaman in September: Similar to the previous two months, September too experiences a maximum of 29 °C and a minimum of 24 °C. Temperatures during the monsoons can fluctuate based on weather conditions.

  • Andaman in October: The peak season in Andaman commences in October, with a pleasant temperature of 30°C maximum and 24°C minimum. Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali festivities are observed in October.

  • Andaman in November: By November, the monsoons recede completely, and the temperature will hit a maximum of 30°C, and a minimum of 24°C.

  • Andaman in December: December in Andaman witnesses a maximum of 29°C and a minimum of 24°C. Christmas and New Year Celebrations are held in Andaman in December.

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