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Travel by Ship to Andaman and Nicobar

M V Nicobar – Passanger Ship from Mainland


Main Sea Port at Andaman:  Haddo Wharf, Port Blair

Ships available from Chennai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam

Schedule: There are three or four sailings every month from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair and vice-versa. There is one sailing for Visakhapatnam in a month. The voyage takes about 3-4 days (50-60 hours ideally) and the ship normally berths at Port Blair for about two to four days. Normally, sailing schedules are announced one month in advance for the Mainland–Island sector. This can be viewed here.

If you are looking to travel to Port Blair by ship, here is a clarification – The SHIP is not a cruise liner. It has no entertainment facilities onboard and takes 3-4 days to reach Port Blair.

Do note that we recommend the ship experience on only one condition – for the experience of a voyage by sea for three-four full days alone, especially if you are a small group of friends/family seeking an unusual adventure. The booking process is also a tedious one, bookings can only be made from the Shipping Corporation offices in Calcutta, Chennai, or Visakhapatnam. Online bookings not available.

To read our traveler’s experience of being on the ship from Calcutta to Port Blair, go here.

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