Must Haves in Packing List for your Andaman Holidays

Written By Go2andaman Editorial Team on January 23, 2021 Planning Your Holiday

Planning Your Holiday

Must Haves in Packing List for your Andaman Holidays

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Traveling to a remote tropical island without the right things can get frustrating and leaves you thinking “I wish I had that for a more comfortable beach holiday!” Resources are limited on the islands.

Stay Ready:

1. Sunscreen

Tropical sun is sharp and the salt in the air could add to the burning of the skin. Carrying a waterproof sunscreen for lasting results is advisable.

2. Insect repellent

While the tropical forest region is known for its’ mosquito and insect diversity, the beaches of the Andaman Islands can get unpleasant due to sand fly attacks. An insect repellent would be handy. Citronella oil-based repellent works well against mosquitoes, sand flies, and insects.

3. Flip flops/ Rubber Chappals

These are the best beachwear in the world and have proven best here in the Islands. High heels on a beach walk could cause discomfort.

4. Water Bottle

Carry a water bottle with you and refill it at restaurants that have RO water. This will cut down the amount of plastic being generated thereby discouraging bringing in plastic.

5. Towel

Carry with you a quick-drying towel for all the times when you take a dip in the ocean.

6. Cotton clothes

Carrying cotton is recommended. Shorts, airy light clothes help in keeping dry in the warm humid environment.

7. Swimwear

Remember, chilling sessions on the beach are going to be an everyday thing while here. Swimming in the clear blue waters when on the Islands is highly recommended.

8. Beach mat/ Hammock

Spending time on the beach would be even better if the sand is kept away. Carrying a beach mat to lie on or a hammock to tie on an extending branch on the beach would make all the difference.

9. Flashlight

While some resorts provide their guests with hand torches, most budget resorts do not. Carrying a flashlight post-sunset is advisable stepping on creepy crawlies, etc.

10. Medication

Any specific medication/ general medication prescribed for illness or as a precautionary measure.

11. Rain protection

Andaman Islands fall under the tropical belt. Owing to its position, the islands receive rains from both the southwest monsoons and the retreating northeast monsoons making it a high rainfall area. The weather here is unpredictable and carrying a rain jacket or an umbrella would be useful. Carry zip-lock bags for cameras and other gadgets to keep them safe from moisture

12. Cash

There are only two ATMs on Havelock – SBI and Axis bank out of which SBI is reliable. There are days when both ATMs do not work. Being on an island stranded with no money in hand can get problematic. Therefore, carrying money on oneself is advisable.

13. Pocket diary

Carry a small notebook while traveling to the Andaman Islands. The sceneries and the place inspires many to write/ draw/ sketch/ doodle/ create.

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