Staying Cheap – Andaman in Eco Huts

Written By Go2andaman Editorial Team on January 23, 2021 Money & BudgetPlanning Your HolidayTop Hotels

Money & BudgetPlanning Your HolidayTop Hotels

Staying Cheap – Andaman in Eco Huts

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Finding decent accommodation as part of planning your Andaman holiday will probably be one of the biggest challenges you will face. Even more so if luxury resorts are far outside your budget. Exotic destination holidays are so much more about the destination than anything else, and nothing brings destination Andaman to your doorstep like the Eco-huts experience.

Whatever reason you might be heading to the Andaman for – a graduation holiday with college friends, a backpacking trip or the annual summer holiday, the Eco-huts way of life is going to stay with you for a very long time.

What are Eco-Huts?

No, they aren’t the conventional ‘go green’ kind of Eco-huts, but are called so because they are built using wood and bamboo shoots. At the outset, they offer the basics of a shelter – a roof over your head and four ‘walls’. If it reminds you of the time that abs-dude struggled in your favorite Escape from the Jungle episode, don’t worry it is not that dramatic. But the exhilaration remains the same.

Let’s find out how.

Firstly, most of these Eco-huts have stunning locations. Built right on or very close to the beaches, the sea knocks at the door of the Eco-huts. Resorts like Emerald GeckoGreen Imperial and Green Valley in HavelockKalapani and Breakwater in Neil Islandsare few of the famous Eco-Huts in the Andamans.
Mostly you share bathrooms (remember the friendly chaos of the hostel days?!) But you can get a separate bath, though these are a bit expensive.

The Eco-huts are not your lavish five stars providing you with luxurious packages. What you will get here though will be enough to sustain your visit. You are wondering, like what? Like a pillow, a mattress, cotton sheet (though be self-sufficient please, and carry a light blanket in case of weather unpredictability). Also, no one will say no to a mosquito net. If your hut doesn’t have one, ask for one, and they will gladly arrange for it. Electricity could be within reach at times, although it may not be available 24 x 7. Ceiling fans and Wi-Fi (at some extra cost) are available otherwise.

The comfort of your hot water bath will be well compensated by the gorgeous view of the beach and the sea. The sunset at the horizons seems just a few kilometers away…merging with the exquisite mirage of the blue sea and the white foamy clouds. So enjoy the cold water though certain well-furnished Eco-huts do promise hot water facilities too.

The cool weather with a pleasant breeze is a boomer for the appetite. But complimentary meals are not on the order of the day. So please carry some dry fruits, cakes, biscuits and easy to cook meals. Also, if you are very particular about a specific spice or sauce, bring it along with you. They will let you use the kitchen on request.
You are sure to take a dip and swim in the lovely waters. However, do not forget to carry hangers for the wardrobe.

Although the restaurant’s tap water is perfectly safe, yet if you want mineral water, please carry the water bottles with you.

Most of the places arrange for two wheelers and bicycles, hence do not hesitate to take one on a long ride!
Now of course, you may not be sure if an Eco-hut is really your cup of tea. You will never know unless you try right? So here is the catch. Stay in an Eco-hut for a night and then if you are not fully comfortable in its cool, but nevertheless a different system, you can always shift. But book a place at the Eco-huts first.

A wise traveler never ventures out without booking a place to stay. Owing to its popularity among the visitors, availability may be scarce without prior planning. So book, stay for a night, and then decide.

P.S- Book the newly constructed huts, since these huts have a tendency to get dirty real fast.

You will be surprised at the warmth in the welcome of the hosts. Even the fellow travelers would make for a new family of adventure lovers soon Ask with a smile and you will never hear “no”.

There is a power-packed adventurer lurking in each one of us. For some it maybe climbing the Everest or taming a tiger. For some, a weight loss program and successful shopping during a sale would just be of the same excitement. In between such odds, why not try for a more practical and sensible adventure?

Eco huts are feasible, beautiful and highly recommended for people who are seeking something new. And remember, if you do not like it, you can always shift to the familiar comforts of a hotel. But let’s be a sport and try something new, shall we?

Here’s all you need to know on how to experience the Andamans on a budget.

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